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Jörg Werner

Yorvik Ventures UG is the VC company of Jörg Werner. As you maybe know, a German UG company is a limited liability entrepreneurial company, mainly made for single entrepreneur: in a company.

Jörg Werner is that entrepreneur in Yorvik Ventures UG, and he is involved in the green business with more than 35 years experience.

His experience base on several jobs in a leading international seed company, Rijk Zwaan. Jörg is one of the founders of the so-called Chain management into this industry 25 years ago. Thinking the business from the seed (genetics) to the final customer and the other way around. All players in this value chain are important to create and develop modern, sustainable and healthy food and other plant based innovations.

Jörg’s network is strong, starting from low tech to high-end technology farmers around the globe, technology companies, trade and service provider, scientist, entrepreneurs, governments, NGO’s and a deep inside in international retail business in the profitable fruit and vegetable category, rounded and completed with a good insights and network in consumer research.

Others about Jörg

Co-Founder and Secretary-General at FarmTech Society, Brussels, Belgium

“Unlocking enormous potential with thinking outside the box matured by unique real world experience”

Geschäftsführerin bei Fruitnet Media International, Düsseldorf, Germany

„Jörg can turn his hand to anything. He thinks out of the box and has a clear view at the same time. I value his input on our editorial advisory board, because he combines high expertise with great passion“

Manager Chain & Retail at Rijk Zwaan, The Hague, South Holland, Netherlands

“For more than 25 years, I have had the pleasure of working intensively with Jörg. He has been my mentor from the start of my career, and I’ve been inspired by his immense knowledge. Jörg is a true genius and I admire his strategic thinking. He always thinks 4 steps ahead in the future, and he likes to challenge the usual way of thinking by creating chaos and embracing complexity. But above all Jörg is a unique personality which I respect and appreciate so much as a very close friend. Your decision to start during your current circumstances, this Yorvik Investment Platform, is an example of your immense energy level. I truly hope that many small entrepreneurs can still make use of your creativity and strategic talent.”

Others about Jörg

Director of the Center for Agricultural Research, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States

“Jörg is an exceptional leader with rare insight into global food system. He is among my most valued connections for expert advice on the intersection of food, energy, and technology markets. He would bring immense value to any new venture as an investor, partner, or advisor.”

Chief Operating Officer bei bardini + keller ag, Gossau, St Gallen, Switzerland
„Jörg ist ein umtriebiger Querdenker, im positiven Sinne, welcher Projekte zum Erfolg führen kann. Durch sein enormes Netzwerk ist er am Puls der Innovationen und folge dessen dem Markt stets einen entscheidenden Schritt voraus. Dadurch entwickelt ergroßen Mehrwert für seine Kunden. Immer wieder eine Freude mit ihm zusammen zu arbeiten.“
Elmar Barmettler
Leiter Obst und Gemüse Migros Luzern
“Dank der Zusammenarbeit und dem enormen Netzwerk von Jörg dürfen wir “End to End denken” ohne Kompromisse und Einschränkungen. Die Anliegen aller in der Wertschöpfung verbindet er in enormer Dynamik und Begeisterung. Ein unglaublicher Mehrwert für unsere Kunden, welche wir jeden Tag im grossen Focus haben und ihren Ansprüchen gerecht werden wollen. Durch seine Innovationskraft haben wir an vielen Mehrwerten im Sortiment gewonnen. Dem Wettbewerb stellt er sich mit grossem Sportsgeist. Ein toller Mensch mit unvergleichlichen Entwicklerfähigkeiten! Von Sortenentwicklung über Anbautechniken bis hin zum POP.”

Others about Jörg

Independent Boardroom Consultant, co-founder VIBRANT-THINKING.ORG, Broek in Waterland, North Holland, Netherlands

“Jörg is a clever thinker who does not shy away from complex issues and situations. His creativity and business acumen always lead to creative, practical solutions for his clients and his organization. Beyond that, I have come to know Jörg as people-person. He loves to cooperate with others, has an open-mind to their contributions and opinions, he likes to challenge and be challenged. Working with Jörg is a rewarding pleasure.”

Verpackungsmanagement bei Lorentzen & Sievers GmbH, Henstedt, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

„Jörg erweitert meinen Horizont. Ihm gelingt es, auf einmalige Art und Weise Informationen zu erfassen, zu analysieren und daraus Strategien zu entwickeln. Sein Kopf scheint niemals stillzustehen, alle Sinne permanent auf Empfang. Wie ein Puzzlespiel er nutzt er jeden Impuls, um daraus neue Ideen und Lösungen zu entwickeln. Jörg ist ein „Nerd“, ein Individualist mit hoher Fachkompetenz und Intelligenz. Aber er ist das genaue Gegenteil eines Einzelgängers: Sein Medium ist nicht der Computer, sondern der Mensch.“

Agro Food Makelaar Duitsland namens Oost NL, Düsseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

“Jörg Werner hat die besten Initialen. J.W.

Das steht für Janz Wunderbar. Berliner Schnauze. Feines Herzes, großartiger Denker. Er denkt weiter, wo andere nie hinkommen. Er verbindet und netzwerkt, wo andere sich verhadern. Er entwirrt komplexe Probleme, versteht den Kern der Sache und ist immer mit Herzblut an jeder Sache beteiligt. Jörg Werner – Jovialer Weltkerl.”

What you get

Yorvik Ventures UG is an early stage investor, early means, mainly busy in the founding & pre-seed period. Yorvik Ventures will help you to connect the right people with the right ideas and the right investors in a productive and nice environment.

Main topics of interest for Yorvik Ventures UG are startup ideas from the green environmental, plant and cellular based business, controlled environment agriculture (CEA), biotechnology, cross-functional partnership, cross-over innovations.

Based on the experience of Yorvik Ventures are all activities strongly focused to real customers & markets. Connections, cross-foundings to other founders, experts, mentors, and follow-on investors are essential for Yorvik Ventures UG.

If you are interested in a first exploratory talk, please send me your idea or your pitch desk in advance. We will then arrange confidentially for a free chat.


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Organic Garden

Square Mile Farms

Local Life

Mana Farms


Green Build

Crate to Plate

Easy access into founding

Into a short time you can get a good feeling to found your startup or not.

Cross-innovation setup

The real bennefit und values comming clearly from cross-innovations and cross-funktioanl partnersjhipping, Expect nothing less here!

Saving network time

Thanks to our platform, you save extremely valuable time to find the right people and people you need for your startup.

Friendly and supportive

Our support team ensures smooth operations so that you can turn to other tasks.

Jörg Werner ist am 17. Oktober 2022 verstorben.
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